TRAVEL 2018/ 05/ 15

OTS donates 60k towards construction of Hawaii’s Okinawa Plaza

Okinawa Tourist Service (OTS) is celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary this year. As a part of marking the anniversary the company made a donation of ¥600,000 towards the construction of the “Okinawa Plaza” facility in Hawaii.

OTS President Tsuyoshi Taira handed the donation to Okinawa-Hawaii Friendship Association Chairman Chokou Takayama at the association offices on May 15th.

Upon receiving the donation, Takayama said that the donation will go a long way towards deepening the close ties between Hawaii and Okinawa. “We thank you very much for your generous donation. The new Okinawa Plaza Building in Hawaii is sure to make the relationships between Okinawa and Hawaii deeper, as it will become the new activity hub for friendship and cultural exchange between Okinawa and Hawaii,” Takayama stated.