TRAVEL 2018/ 09/ 19

“Dosanko Shimanchu” project joins companies in Okinawa and Hokkaido

A collaboration project between “Shimanchu” of Okinawa and “Dosanko” of Hokkaido was inaugurated at a forum in Hokkaido on Sep. 19th.

The forum held in Sapporo aims at vitalizing local economies through joint efforts of local companies from Okinawa and Hokkaido in the sightseeing and tourism business, playing to strengths of both areas.

Speaking at the forum, Okinawa Tourist Chairman Yoshikazu Higashi pointed out that, as Okinawa and Hokkaido both are popular destinations, they should together lead Japan in promoting interaction and information exchange between them and foreign tourists.

Hiroki Tomiyama, the president of Satudora Holdings Co., an operator of drugstores in Hokkaido. said there are many cancellations of sightseeing tours to Hokkaido because of the recent Hokkaido earthquake, but added that he is sure Hokkaido will get an energy boost from the cooperation with Okinawa.

As for the future of the project, participants envisioned each area collaborating in conducting sightseeing tour promotions overseas to their respective areas.