In house 2018/ 09/ 30

Okinawa Tourist holds festival to celebrate 60th anniversary

Okinawa Tourist (OTS) held a festival on Oct. 1st, at Okinawa Times Building in Naha to celebrate company’s 60th anniversary and highlight its services.

Okinawa Tourist Chairman Yoshikazu Higashi said that they decided to organize the event to thank the public for its support. “I want to extend my sincere thanks to all people who have supported our company for the past 60 years in our efforts to promote the charms of tourism in Japan and overseas,” Higashi stated.

Despite of lingering effects of typhoon No. 24 (Jebi), the venue was full of happy people who learned about OTS-organized tours to destinations all over the world while enjoying many stage events and delicious foods and drinks.

Perhaps the most popular area of the venue was on the first floor, where people lined up all day in front of booths serving gourmet dishes from New Zealand, Asian countries and Hokkaido.


(Caption) The area of the festival serving dishes from New Zealand, Asia and Hokkaido was the favorite of many visitors to the OTS Festival.