In house 2018/ 10/ 04

Okinawa Tourist, Surrey University of the UK collaborate

In 2017, Okinawa Tourist (OTS) instituted a program to accept internship students from the University of Surrey in the UK on a one-year curriculum.

As part of the program, Danni Wang, who completed the International Hospitality Management course at the university in October 2018, was welcomed to join OTS as a member of our team.

Wang is grateful for a chance to learn about realities and future prospects of Okinawa sightseeing. We at OTS are looking forward to her recommendations on improving our service to our inbound customers, to help them discover the attractions of Okinawa sightseeing from perspectives of the Europeans and Chinese.

We at OTS are planning to concentrate with our utmost effort on inbound visitor related work, centering on our rental car section and OTS Traffic, incorporating our OTA (Online Travel Agent) business,

photo from left:  CEO Tony Yoshikazu Higashi , Chiharu Torres, Danni Wang , Shu Yaya, Joana-Marie Taquiqui , President Tsuyoshi Taira


The University of Surrey is an institution with a history of more than 100 years. It’s located in the outskirts of London in the southeastern part of the UK. Among its faculties, the School of Hospitality and Tourism was established more than 40 years ago. The university has a reputation of being one of the top-class educational institutes in the UK.