2019/ 11/ 17

"Universal Tourism Training" at Choshi Electric Railway

Our executive officer Naomi Kamata conducted a “Universal Tourism Training” at Choshi Electric Railway and was published in a local newspaper.
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Chiba Nippo November 8, 2019 2nd page 
“ Training for Travel Related Instructors Learning about Assistance for Visually Impaired People Choshi Electric Railway Employees ”

Popular Daily November 12, 2019

“Universal Tourism”
Choshi Electric Railway holds a workshop!
People with disabilities have a comfortable trip …
Lecturer is Okinawa Tourist Naomi Kamata
, boarding and disabling of people who are blind, and ensuring safety at the platform
“… Once you get on the train at Choshi Electric Railway, if you are blind please understand the function of the white cane, to get on and off the train and secure your safety at the platform, “said Naomi Kamata, Executive Officer of Okinawa Tourist Co., Ltd.
Choshi Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (President Katsunori Takemoto) conducted a “Universal In-house Training” at Nakanocho Station on Wednesday, October 30 so that people with physical disabilities can easily enjoy a trip on Choshi Electric Railway. About 15 Choden employees participated. Lecturer Kamata is a member of the JATA (Japan Travel Agents Association) Universal Tourism Promotion Department and obtained a qualification as a service caregiver in 2016. … “