2020/ 06/ 04

Mr. Kuohao Peng Donates Medical Supplies to Okinawa Prefecture

Mr. Kuohao Peng representative of Taiwan Peng’s Family ーan Okinawa travel fan group on social media (with over 554,000  members) donated the below medical supplies to Okinawa Prefecture.

Mr. Yoshikazu Higashi, Chairman and CEO of Okinawa Tourist Service Inc., which has cooperative relationship with Peng’s Family  in  promoting Okinawa tourism presented the medical supplies to the Okinawa deputy governor  on their behalf.

Medical supplies donated to Okinawa Prefecture by Mr. Kuohao Peng (total of 10,500 items):

・Disposable gloves: 9,200

・Protective gowns: 900

・Protective goggles: 200

・Face shields: 200

From left, Okinawa Tourist Service Inc. Chairman & CEO Yoshikazu Higashi,  Okinawa Prefecture Deputy Governor Moritake Tomikawa and Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau Chairman Yoshiro Shimoji.

This event was also covered by QAB NEWS Headline on June 5, 2020